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Students are assessed in the courses in which they are registered. It is their responsibility to make sure they are up to date in their registrations with the tuition office.


All CUs (course units) are assessed each semester.


Course attendance makes up a significant part of the assessment of each CU along with course work in most cases.


Exchange students are subject to the same assessment obligations.


The assessment of artistic practice in the studio develops during the programme.


Assessment methods are detailed in the course description (UC Atelier 1, 2, 4).


Theoretical CUs are assessed by means of a 4-hour dissertation at the end of the semester, followed by an oral exam.


It is possible to resit the theoretical Course Unit exams in September. This exam session is subject to prior registration with the tuition office.


The ‘research seminar 1’ CU is conditional on the submission of a research subject, approved by the teacher leading the seminar chosen by the student.


The ‘research seminar 2’ CU is conditional on the writing and defence of a thesis in front of the teacher leading the seminar chosen by the student, assisted, if necessary, by a. another teacher conversant in the student's field of research.




Photo: © Adrien Thibault